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System Reliability Update

Program gets a bright addition 

In January of 2013, Missoula Electric Cooperative (MEC) launched an ambitious system maintenance program that has since been dubbed the System Maintenance and Reliability Taskforce, or SMART for short. The goal of the SMART program is simple - to improve the reliability, integrity and safety of our electric distribution system through targeted inspection and maintenance. Our commitment to improving reliability and service quality extends beyond our poles and wires however, which is why we are excited to implement the newest component of the SMART program by addressing another important service we provide; dusk-to-dawn lighting. 

MEC members rely on our dusk-to-dawn lighting options for a variety of reasons including illumination for parking, pedestrian and automobile traffic areas, personal safety, and business security. MEC, like most electric cooperatives, relies upon High Pressure Sodium (HPS) technology developed in the 1960’s to meet those needs. While relatively inexpensive to purchase, HPS lighting is characterized by poor color rendition due to the “yellow” light emitted, a short working life (15,000 hours), high power consumption, and high maintenance cost. Read More

What is a Grassroots Movement?


A grassroots movement is a community-centered movement focusing on preserving or advancing the values of the community. The need for grassroots movements stems from the inequity between the interests of small, often isolated interest groups and the traditional power structure. More often than not, grassroots movements are associated with political parties and offices at all levels of government.

Our grassroots program - MEC Roots -  is all about preserving the quality of life our members enjoy by virtue of stable electricity prices delivered by a not-for-profit electric cooperative.  

By signing up for MEC Roots, you can take a more active role in your Cooperative. When you sign up, we will send you a quarterly newsletter covering the challenges that face the Cooperative and ultimately, your rates. When we need a little extra support, we will engage our members to contact their representatives to support or oppose an issue that may have a significant impact on the Cooperative. Read more.

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