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America’s electric co-operatives have launched a non-partisan, nationwide effort to promote civic engagement and voter participation in the communities they serve.

Jeffrey Connor, interim CEO of the National Rural Electric Co-operative Association, unveiled the Co-ops Vote program at the association’s 74th annual meeting in New Orleans.

“Through Co-ops Vote, we want to help our members know when elections are, what’s at stake and how to make their voices heard,” Connor said. “Who folks vote for isn’t really as important as the fact that they do vote.” The Co-ops Vote initiative will focus on eight issues that are important to health and prosperity of communities served by electric co-operatives:

  • Rural Broadband Access
  • Hiring and Honoring Veterans
  • Low-Income Energy Assistance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Water Regulation
  • Rural Health Care Access
  • Affordable and Reliable Energy
  • Renewable Energy

“Electric co-operatives are perfectly designed to help address these important issues,” Connor said. “We can make politics ‘local’ again because civic engagement is part of our DNA.”Read More

What is a Grassroots Movement?


A grassroots movement is a community-centered movement focusing on preserving or advancing the values of the community. The need for grassroots movements stems from the inequity between the interests of small, often isolated interest groups and the traditional power structure. More often than not, grassroots movements are associated with political parties and offices at all levels of government.

Our grassroots program - MEC Roots -  is all about preserving the quality of life our members enjoy by virtue of stable electricity prices delivered by a not-for-profit electric cooperative.  

By signing up for MEC Roots, you can take a more active role in your Cooperative. When you sign up, we will send you a quarterly newsletter covering the challenges that face the Cooperative and ultimately, your rates. When we need a little extra support, we will engage our members to contact their representatives to support or oppose an issue that may have a significant impact on the Cooperative. Read more.

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