Commercial buildings often have highly complex and unique systems and variable operations. Because of this high variability, many commercial energy efficiency measures are best approached as custom projects. Commercial custom projects encompass retrofit, expansion and new construction energy efficiency projects. This offering helps your customers acquire and install the most energy efficiency equipment available. Any measures not covered by the deemed measures are eligible to be submitted as custom projects if they meet the requirements.

BPA provides reimbursements for verified energy savings. Reimbursements vary depending on measure life, up to 70% of incremental project cost.
Custom projects follow 5 basic steps:
  1. Proposal development:
    MEC works with Business to develop a custom project proposal indicating estimated energy savings, project cost, as well as a plan for measuring and verifying savings.

  2. Proposal submittal:
    MEC submits custom project proposal to Bonneville Power for review and approval.

  3. Project Implementation:
    Business is free to proceed with ordering and installing new equipment.  No work shall begin prior to the date of BPA approval of the proposal.

  4. Measure and Verification:
    Using the methodology established in the custom project proposal, post-retrofit energy usage is measured and the savings are calculated.

  5. Project Completion:
    MEC submits project completion report with supporting documentation to verify energy savings and project cost.  Once approved by BPA, the project can be invoiced for reimbursement from BPA.

Case Studies:

Pyramid Mountain Lumber
Compressed Air Project

High School

Wingate of Missoula



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