Irrigation Custom Projects

Custom projects exist for irrigation pump which are electrically powered, sized 20 hp or greater.  Custom Projects must be approved by MEC prior to purchasing or installing any equipment.  In addition, irrigators must obtain a pump test/system evaluation from a qualified technical service provider approved by MEC.

Irrigation Pump Testing and System Analysis

The best way to establish a baseline for your system's efficiency is through an irrigation/pump test or a full system analysis. The purpose of pump testing is to identify ways to improve irrigation system efficiency and performance.

The irrigation pump must be electrically powered, 20 hp or greater and must not have been tested through BPA-sponsored pump testing services within the past five years.

The irrigation pump must have been in operation for the two previous years.

The irrigation pump test must be performed by an individual possessing pump testing knowledge and experience.

Customers and qualified vendors must use the BPA Screening Tool in EE Central to limit the amount of dry holes (i.e., pump tests that do not result in a BPA-approved custom project).  


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