Freeze resistant stock water tank/fountain incentives are available to MEC members. Electric resistance stock water tank heater(s) must be removed orpermanently disabled, and the new freeze resistant stock water tanks/fountains must meet the RTF specifications.

Product and installation specifications:

  1. Tanks/Fountains shall be enclosed, fully foam-insulated and completely sealed in impactresistance polyurethane.
  2. Tanks/Fountains shall have elliptical or flap closures that tip easily so animals can drink without resistance.
  3. Tanks/Fountains shall be sized in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications for the type and number of animals for which it will be used.
  4. Tanks/Fountains closures shall be insulated by foam insulation or dead air space and seal the opening completely.
  5. Tanks/Fountains water supply shall be hard-piped underground and stubbed up into the insulated portion of the fountain.
  6. Tanks/Fountains shall not contain any type of electric heat.
  7. Minimum five-year manufacturer defect warranty.


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