New Residential Construction


If you are considering building a new home in MEC territory, why not consider building to the highest level of energy efficiency possible? By building your new home to the Montana House criteria you will enjoy a tight, well insulated house that is comfortable and more affordable to heat and cool.

The Montana House is a single family home built to rigorous specifications for its thermal envelope, heating system, lighting, and high efficiency ENERGY STAR® appliances. Building to this higher standard doesn’t compromise the beauty of your new home, but rather enhances the whole package with lower heating and cooling bills.

  • Thermal Envelope: The Montana House benefits from beefed up insulation in the attic, above grade walls, under concrete slab floors and in basement and crawlspace walls. In addition to insulation, standards have been set for air-tightness as well. By sealing any gaps and cracks with spray foam insulation and caulking, the builder limits the total air leakage to ensure heated or cooled air stays where it belongs, inside the house.

  • Heating System: Do to its extremely tight construction, the Montana House specifications do not allow for combustion appliances such as furnaces, water heaters or fireplaces. Instead, water and space heating is all electric.
  • Lighting: Lighting your home can account for 10-15% of your total energy bill. Consistent with new Montana energy codes, the Montana House requires a minimum of 90 percent of lights to be either ENERGY STAR® bulbs or fixtures.
  • Appliances: Aside from heating and lighting your house, up to 20 percent of your monthly energy bill can be attributed to your refrigerator, freezer and clothes washer. For this reason the Montana House program requires all built-in appliances to be ENERGY STAR® rated.

**Building design and construction must be reviewed and verified by MEC to meet the Montana House New Construction Technical Specifications. In addition, periodic inspection and documentation of the building process must be conducted by MEC to assure compliance with the Montana House program. Failure to contact MEC prior to beginning construction may void rebates.**

So, if a new house is in your future, contact MEC to discuss the Montana House certification program.

Download the Montana House Specification here .




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