At MEC, we know paying bills is no fun, and trying to pay a bill you can't understand how to read can be downright frustrating. Your power bill is comprised of several key areas.

Payment Stub

The bottom third of the page is called the payment coupon and has all the information needed for us to process your payment. In this area you will see your account number, statement period, due date and amount due.  If your bill had to be estimated or if your account is enrolled in automatic payments, that will be indicated here as well. If for any reason, you are unable to pay your bill in full, please contact MEC to make a payment arrangement - it will save you a lot of worry and help avoid any fees or penalties.

Bill Body

The body of the bill has all the pertinent information about your meter(s) including opening and closing reads, average daily usage for this year and last and even the average temperature so you can explain some of the annual fluctuations in your bill. Depending on how many services you pay for for, you may have multiple pages in your billing statement. Our bills are now two-sided to save paper and processing costs.


The back of the first page contains our disclosures and definitions. Many of the answers to common questions can be found here. Of course, if you still have questions about your bill please don't hesitate to call us at 406-541-4433. 



Explaining Your MEC Bill


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