North Fork of the Blackfoot River

A New Look For A New Decade

Posted: January 1, 2020

To kick-off 2020, we’re excited to announce some big news! To celebrate the new decade and new year, we are unveiling a new look. which is a modernized twist on our old logo.

MEC’s members, across seven districts and two states, will begin to see our new company branding on fleet vehicles, our website, social media, marketing pieces and on display at our Annual Meeting in March! Although MEC still has the same core values, service and staff, we strongly believe that this new look is representative of the times and our continual evolution.

A new decade seemed like the perfect time to advance our branding to better mirror our modern approach to business. MEC prides itself on being a strategic organization. From offering our members a 95% carbon-free portfolio and our leadership in community solar programs, we strive to always be forward-thinking for future generations. We consistently advance our technology to better serve our members with affordable, safe and reliable energy. For example, our new TWACS meters offer more efficient data, meter management and outage response, and our Meter Data Management System (MDMS), allows members to view and monitor their usage. Another example is our “Pay-Your-Way” pre-pay offering, which allows members to manage their own billing account. These three advancements, among others, are just a few ways we strive to be a leader in our industry.

Designed in-house, the new logo pays tribute to our former design with a mountain to represent our service area, and a subtle, yet edgy lightning bolt to symbolize the electricity we distribute to nearly 13,000 members. We added currents of water to represent, not only the rivers running through our seven districts, but also to represent the flow of electricity and our use of clean, renewable and carbon-free hydropower for more than 70 years. All of these elements are housed beneath a horizon, to signify that we are united with our members.

The new branding also employs new colors. After seeking feedback on our former logo, we heard loud-and-clear that our existing colors, forest green and dark burgundy, were a bit too “heavy and dark,” to represent our company. After researching the psychology of colors, our team landed on shades of “Big Sky” blue… colors statistically shown to be representative of loyalty, dependability and security. We also picked less bulky fonts, Nexa Light and Nexa Bold, which are more crisp and easier to read.

A small team at MEC collaborated to research, undergo (many) design renditions and craft our final logo. Thank you to this group! You worked to honor our past, while modernizing our look to welcome the future.

Here’s to a new year, a new decade and a new look!