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It Pays To Be A Member at MEC

Posted: January 27, 2020

To say it pays to be a member at MEC is not an understatement! In 2019, Missoula Electric Cooperative (MEC) returned nearly $1 Million in capital credits to its members – $960,933 to be exact.

Capital credits are unique to cooperatives like MEC. They represent the margins (capital remaining after expenses are paid) allocated to a cooperative member each year, pending Board approval.

Each spring, the Board reviews the finances of the cooperative and determines what money needs to be reinvested to ensure that we can continue serving reliable energy. During this meeting, they determine if capital credits from past years can be retired and returned to members. When members move and discontinue service, the cooperative may no longer be able to reach them about the status of their capital credits. If you move, be sure to keep your address current with us so you don’t miss out on a future payment. To ensure that past and present MEC members have access to recently retired capital credits, we have published a list on our website. Simply select “Member Care” and navigate down to “Capital Credits.” Here, you can search by first, last or business name.

If you have any questions about the capital credit process, the status of your capital credits, or you require an address update, please contact our Plant Accountant at 406.541.6321.