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You’ve Got Mail!

Posted: June 1, 2021

Capital Credit Checks Hit Mailboxes in Late-May

You’ve got mail… well, maybe. In 2021, Missoula Electric Cooperative (MEC) will be returning $1 Million in capital credits to its members. This return is made up of 50% of 2000 and 18% of 2011.

Capital credits are unique to cooperatives like MEC. They represent the margins (capital remaining after expenses are paid) allocated to a cooperative member each year, pending board approval. In the spring, if the financial conditions of the Cooperative are satisfactory, the Board of Trustees will meet to determine which years’ capital credits shall be retired and returned to members. Shortly thereafter, eligible members will receive a capital credit check from the Cooperative.

Capital credit checks were mailed in late-May. If you were an MEC member in 2000 and/or 2011, keep an eye out for a possible check! If you have any questions about the capital credit process, the status of your capital credits, or you require an address update, please contact Dana, our Plant Accountant, at 406.541.6347.

If you move and discontinue service, be sure to keep your address updated, so you don’t miss out on a future payment. To ensure that past and present MEC members have access to recently retired capital credits, we have published a list on our website. Here, you can search by first, last or business name. Please note, the list on our website will not yet include the 2021 retirements.