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We Love Serving Our Members!

Posted: February 1, 2022

February may be the shortest month, but it’s packed with special observances like Presidents’ Day, Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, in addition to a host of unofficial “national” days you’ve probably never heard of like “National Tater Tot Day.” These celebrations all have one thing in common. They were created to draw attention to a particular topic or theme.

Valentine’s Day may seem like an observance originally created by a greeting card company, but over time, it’s become a widely celebrated day, complete with flowers, candy and of course, greeting cards. Contrary to popular believe, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebirds, it’s also the perfect time to let our friends, family and special people in our lives know we care about them – with or without the ceremonial gifts.

With this theme in mind, we’ve listed the top five reasons we love serving you, the members of Missoula Electric Cooperative.

1. We live and love to serve our members! Quite simply, without our members the Co-op wouldn’t exist. In 1936, neighbors worked together to create the Cooperative, which would deliver power to community homes, farms, ranches and businesses when for-profit utilities would not. Providing our members with affordable, safe and reliable electricity is something we love (and live) to do!

2. Together, we strengthen our community. A core principle of the Co-op’s is to serve the community and focus on the greater good. With the generosity of our members, MEC can provide financial support to an assortment of local non-profits, organizations and events through our member-led charitable giving program, Operation Round Up®. Together, our impact is much greater.

3. Our members live to serve. Your neighbors represent your district by serving on MEC’s Board of Trustees. They review and provide guidance on the Cooperative’s policies, annual goals and financial health. Trustees live and work in the district they serve, which means they have a strong pulse on the larger community and can help us identify immediate and long-term needs. Our broader membership provides input during annual elections and when weighing in on important co-op and community issues.

4. You help us get it right. Our members keep us in the know. While we do our best to minimize power outages, Mother Nature throws us an occasional curveball. When this happens, our members are quick to report any power disruptions and remain patient as our crews work to safely restore power. Outages can be frustrating and inconvenient, but the support and understanding we receive from our members means a lot to the teams working to get the lights back on. Not only that, but we also appreciate your feedback on new programs and services. Your opinions are critical to MEC’s success and we thank you for that.

5. We’re all in it together. Our employees live and work here too, and care deeply about the community, as do our members. We’re all invested and we work together to watch it thrive. We give back not only monetarily, but through acts of service. Together, we create positive momentum and change.

As a member-owned cooperative, MEC’s strives to improve the quality of life in our community, and to invest in the long-term goals of our members. You are at the heart of everything we do at the Cooperative and the primary reason we enjoy coming to work each day