Energy Partners Annual Update

Posted: January 1, 2023
EP GM, DeWayne O’Brien

With warm wishes of a Happy New Year in 2023 to all the communities we serve, I am excited for the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful year Energy Partners had in 2022.

Taking part in our communities and giving back is a duty we hold dear to us and truly enjoy. This past summer we were able to give thanks to all our location customers by hosting a Customer Appreciation Day event. These events are so much fun, so while cooking hamburgers and hotdogs, and filling propane cylinders is a blast, just getting the opportunity to meet and visit with those that came out is the highlight. Over this past year, we have enjoyed the opportunity to attend and be involved with the people that make up these communities. The big annual Seeley Lake Community Foundation’s “Change Your Pace Challenge” was a wonderful success and we are excited to join forces with them again this upcoming year. Again, we also enjoyed getting out and supporting our local 4H Livestock Sales and offering support to the hard-working youth within our communities.

Safety in the Propane Industry is a must, and here at Energy Partners we are always looking for ways to educate and train. This past year we were able to collaborate with local fire departments and offer propane-specific training. This training gave our fire department extended knowledge on how to handle situations they might come across when dealing with propane. We feel this is a great service that we can provide and be involved with.

As we have noticed over the past couple of years, being prepared to take care of our customers is always a top priority. This past year, Energy Partners continued to focus on building our propane storage capacity throughout the regions we serve. You might notice as you head down the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, we have a new storage tank just South of Lolo, or, if you happen to be up in the Noxon or Condon areas, we have also set some large storage tanks to help supply those regions. Having additional storage gives us the opportunity to connect with wholesalers across the country to get the best pricing and supply, which continues to make us leaders within our industry. Therefore, we continue to be the fastest growing propane company in Western Montana.

We are also continuing to expand our territories to better serve local communities. Our Drummond location is now branching out into the Philipsburg, Anaconda and Deer Lodge areas. This location fills a big need in that region while allowing us to bridge the gap between supporting locations to better serving our customers.

With a volatile energy market, this year more than any other year, our customers were able to lock in great pricing during our Summer Fill Promotion, which then rolled right into our Pre-Buy Winter Contract Season. As you have seen at your local fuel pumps and have heard in the news, the energy market continues to have shortages and has been a bullish market for over a year. Our more than 20 years of relationships with wholesalers and suppliers continues to help us through the toughest of times. Our focus is to continue to provide a reliable source of propane to our customers no matter what is happening in the industry.

This past year at Energy Partners would not have been possible without the continued commitment from our amazing team and staff. Their desire to provide the absolute best customer experience is noticed the moment you walk through one of our doors. It is a priority to all team members to have Energy Partners be the solution company. The culture each team member brings makes this a premier place to work.

I would feel ungrateful if I also didn’t recognize and give thanks to our owners, Missoula Electric Cooperative and CHS Inc. Without their support and the support of the board, we couldn’t continue to help Energy Partners, our employees or our customers be successful.