Can You Dig It?

Posted: April 1, 2023

April is National Safe Digging Month

When Should I Contact 811?
Outdoor digging requires you to contact 811. Building a fence? Planting a garden? Installing a mailbox? Know what’s below and call 811 before you dig.

How Do I Reach 811?
To request a locate of underground utilities in your dig area, simply dial 811 or 800-424-5555. If you prefer to submit a request online, you can visit

When Can I Begin My Project?
Wait for the marks! Plan ahead and call at least three days before you want to dig.

This allows time for notifications to be sent to the locators and for them to do their job.

Each utility type corresponds to a specific color of paint or flag. In addition to waiting for marks, you must use the info on your ticket to confirm that all utilities have responded before you dig. And remember, always dig around the marks, not on them.

How Long Are The Marks Good For?
The marks are good for 30 days, assuming they are still readable and have not been destroyed or you have maintained the marks and they have not been changed.

What If I Have An Emergency?
Call 811 and let them know you have an emergency situation that needs to be located right away. The appropriate utility companies will be notified and they will mark as quickly as possible.

What If My Project Is Relatively Minor?
Many lines are buried just a few inches below ground. You can easily hit a line when doing small projects like planting flowers or shrubs.

Hitting a line can knock out service to your home or neighborhood, and result in fines, damage and serious injury.

What If I am Digging In A Spot That Was Already Marked?
Erosion and root system growth can alter the depth or location of buried lines, or utility companies may have completed work on their lines since the last time you dug.

Digging into some outdoor landscaping projects this spring? Remember to contact 811 before you dig each and every time.