North Fork of the Blackfoot River

Board of Trustees

MEC is divided into seven districts and each district is represented by an elected official. These representatives serve on the Board of Trustees, which is the governing body and regulatory authority of the Cooperative.

As the governing body of the cooperative, the Trustees, often referred to as Directors, hold a monthly meeting in which they review policies and activities of the Cooperative, admit new members, and review the overall financial health of the cooperative. Another responsibility of the Board, is to ensure there is a General Manager in place to oversee day-to-day operations of the Cooperative, supervise and hire employees, and implement policies set forth by the Board.

The actions of the Board are restricted by state and federal law, the Articles of Incorporation, and the Cooperative Bylaws. Trustees are required to run for re-election every three years.

Board Meetings

Missoula Electric Cooperative’s monthly Board Meeting is held the third Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise necessitated. The meeting starts at 9 AM and is typically held at the Missoula office, located at 1700 West Broadway.

The Annual Meeting is held in March and requires attendance from the existing Board of Trustees, as well as candidates running in the current election. Members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting to review prior-year financials, new and old business, and MEC’s community contributions.

The Board does hold supplementary meetings throughout the year, on an as-needed basis.


To run for the Missoula Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees, you must be a current member of the Cooperative and reside in the area you wish to represent. MEC’s Bylaws outline the nomination and election process, which occurs during the first quarter of each calendar year.

Each Cooperative member is allowed one vote, regardless of the quantity of meters or amount of electricity utilized. In summary, it’s, “one member, one vote.”

Board Members and Districts

The information highlighted in the section below, provides a brief overview of the Director District Areas. This section in no way supersedes the detailed outlines found in the Board of Trustee District Map. If you are unsure which district you live in, you can refer to your printed bill to see your District of Record, which is printed at the top, just beneath your account number. If you do not receive a printed bill, you can view an image of your bill in SmartHub. To see a detailed explanation of your bill, refer to our Reading Your Bill page.

View Map of the Seven Board of Trustee Districts


District 1 — Guy Hanson


General area described as bounded on the north by Interstate 90 and Rollercoaster Road, bounded on the east by Flynn Lane, bounded on the south by the Bitterroot River, bounded on the west by the Clark Fork River, Kona Ranch Road, and Deschamps Lane.

This area includes El-Mar Estates, New Meadows, Country Crest, Mullan Trail, Phantom Hills, Hellgate Village, Katonnah Lodges and Grass Valley subdivisions.


District 2 — Tom Alsaker


General area described as bounded on the east by Deschamps Lane and the Clark Fork River, bounded on the north by Interstate 90 and the Missoula/Mineral County line, continuing west to Superior, and bounded on the south by the Petty Creek Area and Sleeman Gulch Area.

This area includes areas around the town of Alberton, Big Flat, South Frenchtown, south Huson, Cyr, Fish Creek, Rivulet, Tarkio, Riverbend, Deep Creek, and Lozeau.

District 3 — Candace Jerke


General area described as bounded on the north by the Petty Creek area and the O’Brien Creek area, continuing west to include Lolo Pass and Powell, Idaho. Bounded on the east by the Bitterroot River and bounded on the south by the Bass Creek area up the Bitterroot Valley.

This area includes Lolo, Lolo Creek, Lolo Hot Springs, Mormon Creek, Sleeman Gulch, Beyer Meadows, Lolo Creek Trails, Powell Ranger Station, Sweeney Creek, Florence, and Bass Creek.


Roy Handley Portrait

District 4 — Roy Handley, Board Secretary/Treasurer


General area described as bounded on the east by the Wisherd Bridge on Montana State Highway 200 and the Beavertail Hill area. Bounded on the north by the Greenough Area and the Rattlesnake Wilderness Area. Bounded on the west by Flynn Lane and Gooden-Keil subdivision, bounded on the south by the Missoula/Ravalli County line and the Rock Creek area.

This area includes Pleasant View homes, Gooden-Keil subdivision, the Missoula area, Upper Miller Creek to Miller Peak, Bonner, Piltzville, Turah, Clinton, Rock Creek, Beavertail Hill area and up the Blackfoot River to Wisherd Bridge.

District 5 — Barrie Lewis


General area described as bounded on the east by the Missoula/Powell County line, bounded on the west by the Missoula/Lake County line, bounded on the south by the town of Seeley Lake, the Seeley Lake Airport, the Pyramid Lumber Mill site and the Jocko River area.

This area includes Seeley Lake, Condon, Salmon Prairie, Holland Lake, Lindbergh Lake, Lake Alva and Lake Inez.

District 6 — Dena Hooker, Board Vice President


General area described as bounded on the north by the Double Arrow, the Placid Lake area, and the Missoula/Powell County line. Bounded on the east by the Powell/Lewis and Clark County line. Bounded on the south by the Greenough area and the Nevada Lake area. Bounded on the west by Gold Creek area and Wisherd Bridge on Montana State Highway 200.

This area includes Gold Creek, Johnsrud, Bear Creek, Potomac, Greenough, Paws Up Ranch, Double Arrow, Placid Lake, Clearwater Junction, Woodworth, Coopers Lake, Ovando, Kleinschmidt Flats, Helmville, Nevada Lake, and the Nevada Creek drainage.

District 7 — Peter Simonich, Board President


General area described as all area north of Interstate 90 from the Ninemile Interchange on the west to the Gooden Keil subdivision on the east and bounded on the north by the Missoula/Sanders County line.

This area includes Ninemile, North Huson, north Frenchtown areas, which also includes Elk Meadows, Sorrell Springs, Mill Creek, Butler Creek, Sixmile, Meadows of Baron O Keefe, and Evaro.