North Fork of the Blackfoot River

Commitment to Community

As a cooperative, MEC operates as a non-profit. After operating expenses are paid, we allocate remaining margins back to our members in the form of capital credits. With Board approval, capital credits are retired (paid out) periodically. Often, the recipient can’t be located, or has since passed, and their capital credits go unclaimed. Therefore, these unclaimed funds are transferred to our Education Trust Fund, instead of being escheated to the State of Montana.

One of our core operating principles is education, and we are able to utilize our Education Trust Fund to fund programs that benefit our local students and schools. Some of these programs include IEP, the Electronic Educational Equipment (EEE) Program and our annual educational scholarships.

Electronic Educational Equipment (EEE) Program

The EEE (Electronic Educational Equipment) Program is a joint-venture between Missoula Electric Cooperative, Energy Partners and Blackfoot. As partners in this program, we are committed to enhancing educational opportunities for students.

We understand the importance of modern learning tools in today’s rapidly changing classroom, therefore, each fall, we accept EEE Applications from K-12 schools located within our service areas. Student representatives from each school are invited to attend our EEE Luncheon. Here, each school will receive a monetary donation to use towards fulfilling electronic needs in their classrooms.

This program has been serving local schools for over three decades! We are proud of our shared history of funding educational programs, like EEE, and look forward to hearing success stories of local students for years to come.

Improvements for Education Program (IEP)

MEC’s Improvements for Education Program (IEP), provides us with the opportunity to donate funds to local schools for necessary items and/or services that may not otherwise be funded. In recent years, these items have included iPads, Smart Boards, Smart TV’s and more!

Each fall, all K-12 schools located within MEC’s service area, as well as schools that our members’ students attend, are invited to apply for a substantial monetary donation. Once we receive and process a school’s IEP Application, our Board of Trustees reviews them, determines a donation sum and sends a Trustee to personally deliver a check to the school.

Request a Donation, Sponsorship or Volunteer Staffing

All sponsorship and donation requests may be submitted here. To ensure that your request is considered, please be sure to review and complete the application in its entirety prior to submission.

MEC reviews volunteer requests, selects organizations to partner with and assigns volunteer staffing through the help of our Community Service Committee.