North Fork of the Blackfoot River

Our Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Our business is providing energy. Our mission is serving our Members.

SERVICE — The Building Blocks of Our Business

Safety. We believe that only when we work safely can we be productive. The safety of our employees and the public is of utmost importance in all that we do.

Employees. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset, and we are committed to building and maintaining superior customer satisfaction through the competent actions of a well-trained and dedicated workforce.

Reliability. We understand that our members deserve the highest level of reliability that is reasonably attainable.

Value. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services that our members want and need. Through continuous innovation and effective communications, we will continually strive to exceed our members’ expectations and deliver service and information that adds value to our members’ lives.

Integrity. We understand that our business dealings must be governed by the highest standards of conduct and ethics. Our integrity is demonstrated by doing business in an honest, responsible and innovative manner.

Community. We are guided by the 7 Cooperative Principles, and endeavor to meet the needs of our members and strengthen the local communities that we serve.

Efficiency. We recognize that we are owned by those we serve. We are dedicated to providing least-cost solutions to our members while operating in a fiscally responsible manner.