Morrell Falls, Montana

Recent ORU® Donations


Quarter 2

Blackfoot Challenge

Blackfoot Challenge was awarded $500 to help fund their 30th annual summer Block Party, which brings together several Blackfoot watershed communities, as well as friends from Missoula and Helena, to celebrate community conservation.

Blackfoot Challenge, Ovando, Montana, photo courtesy of Crown of the Continent

Families First Learning Lab

Through a variety of family education and child enrichment programming, Families First Learning Lab works to create a healthy community where families feel supported, empowered, and inspired to learn, play, and grow together. The $2,000 ORU donation will be used to support parent education and child enrichment programming at two rural branches of the Missoula Public Library in Lolo and Frenchtown.

Executive Director Hannah Zuraff, Families First Learning Lab

Frenchtown School District

$1,500 was given to Frenchtown School District for the Science Palooza and annual Bronc Stampede. The Science Palooza is an annual opportunity for parents and children to participate in STEM activities. Donated funds will be used to purchase supplies and arrange for special programs and activities. The Bronc Stampede is a student and family wellness event, which raises money for large wellness projects like the school’s cross country ski program and rock wall.

Pictured: A young student enjoying the hands-on experience at Frenchtown School’s Science Palooza in 2022.

Grace Hospice of Missoula County

Grace Hospice of Missoula County was awarded $3,000 to help with the addition of another nurse and CNA. The additional team members will help Grace Hospice serve its mission of providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to terminally ill patients and their families with free 24/7 registered nursing and trained volunteers.

Pictured left to right: Executive Director, Terry Mumma, RN, and Director of Development Terry Lee Jenks, RN

Mineral County Performing Arts Council

Mineral County Performing Arts Council fosters the promotion of social welfare in Mineral County with live arts entertainment. The $500 ORU donation will help to offset the cost of general operating expenses, including artist fees.

Mineral County Performing Arts Council, The Return of Sundae + Mr. Goessl In A Curbside Concert, photo courtesy of MCPAC Facebook

Missoula Urban Demonstration Project

Missoula Urban Demonstration Project is a community organization focused on empowering people to build a more sustainable community through programs, hands-on learning and resource-sharing. They received a $2,000 check to help with the cost of operating the Tool Library, which includes wages, tool maintenance and site improvements.

Tool Library Manager Christian Russell and Site Coordinator Mickey Haldi, Missoula Urban Demonstration Project

Montana Natural History Center

The Montana Natural History Center (MNHC) is a non-profit that provides nature education for children and adults, and has a museum with exhibits on Montana’s plants, animals and geology. MNHC received a $1,000 check to help with the cost of their general operating budget, which supports all aspects of the organization, programs and exhibit hall.

Image courtesy of

Ovando Historical and Arts Society

ORU donated $970 to Ovando Historical and Arts Society, an organization that preserves the history of the Ovando area and makes it publicly available. With the donated funds, they plan to replace old lighting fixtures with modern fixtures and LED bulbs to make the museum safer and more efficient.

Pictured: Treasurer Terry J. Sheppard, Ovando Historical & Arts Society

Tell Us Something

Tell Us Something is a live storytelling event based in Missoula, held quarterly to inspire more understanding, acceptance, and empathy within the community. They were awarded $800 to support their December 2023 storytelling event.

Executive Director Marc Moss, Tell Us Something

The LifeGuard Group

The LifeGuard Group is an expert team dedicated to an aggressive, comprehensive approach to ending human trafficking. They were gifted with $3,000 to help with the costs of running the 24/7 Montana Human Trafficking Hot Line. The LifeGuard Group currently covers all Hot Line expenses, which provides faster life-saving response times to humans being trafficked within our state.

LifeGuard Group Owners Tami and Lowell, LifeGuard Group Board Members, Employees and Volunteers gathered for a photo.