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Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs

MEC offers a range of programs and measure opportunities to help serve our commercial customers and meet their conservation targets. The commercial sector includes robust programs in lighting and refrigeration, deemed measures in HVAC, envelope, plug load, and commercial kitchen equipment, and custom project opportunities for retrofit and new construction. Below are links to more information about some of our more successful commercial programs.

Commercial Lighting Program

For the past few years, MEC has managed a large efficiency program in Commercial and Industrial Lighting. MEC continues to invest in improving the efficiency of commercial lighting for our members. Our alliance with BPA gives us access to the Northwest Trade Ally Network for Commercial and Industrial Lighting (NW TAN), a regional resource providing free training and support to facilitate utilities and contractors working together to deliver lighting efficiency projects.

If you have a commercial property and are interesting in upgrading your lighting, contact MEC to schedule a lighting audit. Program funding is limited, and MEC must pre-approve all projects prior to any equipment purchases or installation. Learn more at our Non-residential Lighting Program page.

In addition to the above measures, MEC offers incentives for commercial HVAC upgrades, commercial building shell improvements, high-efficiency commercial kitchen equipment purchases, office plug load management and commercial custom projects.

Many incentives require prior approval from MEC. Make sure to contact MEC prior to undertaking any energy efficiency retrofits. For more information, contact Dan at 406.541.6333 or by email at danr@meccoop.com.