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Non-residential Lighting Program

Non-Residential custom lighting projects have been an intricate part of the success of MEC energy efficiency program.  Commercial buildings by their nature tend to be large, have consistent operating hours and are typically packed with inefficient lighting.

Warehouses, shops, and large ag buildings are often filled with high-wattage fixtures that are noisy, ineffective and take long periods of time to come on.  These spaces benefit tremendously from new high-efficiency fluorescent fixtures which have the potential to cut electric bills in half while offering vastly improved lighting quality.

Non-Residential Lighting Agreement Form (PDF)


MEC’s energy efficiency rebate program is designed and administered by our power provider, Bonneville Power Administraion (BPA). As a federal entity, BPA follows the legal direction provided by the Department of Energy and the Department of Justice as it pertains to marijuana-related business loads. BPA will not knowingly pay any incentives to customers for measures/projects involving marijuana related business loads.