North Fork of the Blackfoot River

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A basic GSHP consists of three main components:

  • Slinky Coil 6′ Deep 3′ Wide 135′ long

    Loop Field: the loop field can consist of either a system of buried plastic tubing which circulates a glycol solution from the ground through a heat pump and back outside in a closed loop, or a series of wells that draw water from the ground, pass it through a heat pump, and then dump the water back into the ground (open loop).

  • Heat Pump: the heat pump takes the heat from outside and using a compressor unit indoors, concentrates the heat before disbursing it throughout the house.
  • Distribution System: the distribution system could take the shape of either a duct system that circulates heated air or an in-floor radiant system which circulates a heated fluid inside the floor.

If you think a GSHP may be in your future please contact Missoula Electric Cooperative for more information on our rebate program as restrictions to apply. In order to receive a rebate, all work must be completed by a certified Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) installer. Please contact Missoula Electric at (406) 541-4433 for a list of PTCS qualified installers.  Click this link to be redirected to the GSHP installer search page.

For installations in existing homes, a GSHP must replace an electric forced air furnace or air source heat pump. No incentives exist for installing a GSHP to replace any other type of heating system.

Ground Source Heat Pump Incentive Form (PDF)