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Ground Source Heat Pumps

A basic GSHP consists of three main components:

  • Loop Field: the loop field can consist of either a system of buried plastic tubing which circulates a glycol solution from the ground through a heat pump and back outside in a closed loop, or a series of wells that draw water from the ground, pass it through a heat pump, and then dump the water back into the ground (open loop).
  • Heat Pump: the heat pump moves heat from fluid in the loop field and transfers it to refrigerant inside the heat pump. A compressor concentrates the heat before disbursing it throughout the house.
  • Distribution System: heat is distributed throughout the home either through forced air via duct work or by means of a radiant, in-floor system.

If you think a GSHP may be in your future please contact Missoula Electric Cooperative for more information on our rebate program as restrictions to apply. In order to receive a rebate, all work must be completed by a certified Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) installer. To find a list of PTCS certified installers, click this link to be redirected to the GSHP installer search page.

Rebate Amounts

Ground Source Heat Pump Upgrade (Compressor Only Replacement)

Ground Source Heat Pump Upgrade or Conversion without Desuperheater


Ground Source Heat Pump Upgrade or Conversion with Desuperheater


Ground Source Heat Pump Incentive Form (PDF)