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If you have not changed your home’s lighting from incandescent to LED, you could be throwing your money away! The residential lighting market has been transformed and LED lighting is readily available for every fixture and application in your home. LED save 90% of the energy when compared to their incandescent equivalents and last up to 25 years. LEDs come on instantly (even below freezing), are dimmable and come in a variety colors to enhance mood or support specific tasks.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs:

  • Color Quality
    • 5 different requirements for color to ensure quality up front and over time
  • Light Output
    • Light output minimums to ensure you get enough light
    • Light distribution requirements to ensure the light goes where you need it
    • Guidelines for equivalency claims to take the guess-work out of replacement
  • Peace of mind
    • Verified compliance with more than 20 requirements to address performance and labeling
    • Long-term testing to back up lifetime claims
    • Testing to stress the products in operating environments similar to how you will use the product in your home
    • 3-year minimum warranty requirement

And as with all ENERGY STAR products, certified LED bulbs are subject to random testing every year to ensure they continue to meet the ENERGY STAR requirements.

For help choosing the right LED bulb, Use this LED Buyer’s Guide.


If you need to dispose of compact fluorescent bulbs, please take them to either Missoula ACE Hardware location, Home Depot, Lowes, Batteries Plus Bulbs, the Missoula Electric Cooperative office in Missoula, or Rovero’s in Seeley Lake. If you should happen to break a CFL and need to clean it up, please follow the EPA’s instructions for cleaning up breakage from a mercury-containing bulb.