North Fork of the Blackfoot River

New Service Application

General Requirements for Installation of Service


An easement is required for all MEC supplied facilities. Easements must be signed by those legally authorized to do so and acceptable by Missoula County Clerk and Recorder. This document is required prior to installation of MEC facilities. Lots and/or easement boundaries needed for determination of the route must be provided before field staking can be completed.

Electrical Permits

Electrical Permits as are required by either City, County, or State, according to jurisdiction are required prior to release of work order to the MEC Construction department.

Cooperative Membership

A signed membership is required for each person or entity that requests service from MEC.


The customer is required to provide a means of disconnect on the exterior of the building, or at the meter base, if it is not attached to the building.

Metering Requirements

At MEC’s request, the customer requesting three phase service may be asked to provide a metering cabinet with adequate landing lugs and a 13 jaw meter socket. Metering cabinet is to be mounted on the building or on a secure base.

Transformer Location

Transformers must be located a minimum of five feet from a building wall. A cleared area eight feet from all other sides of the transformer must be maintained for proper cooling, operation, and access for MEC employees.

Power Quality and Harmonics

MEC agrees to maintain voltage at the metering point to within +/- 5% of the nominal voltage. The customer must agree to limit total harmonic distortion generated from within its facilities to levels set by IEEE 519-1992 standards.


MEC does not guarantee uninterrupted power. Loss of one or more phases is possible. If needed, protection against “single phasing” should be provided by the three phase customers.


Excavation for underground power lines to be completed by the customer must be at least 36”, but not more than 42” in depth. Grade stakes indicating final grade must be provided for placement of transformer and above ground equipment.

Cost Estimates

The Staking Technician will provide the customer with a cost estimate for Aid to Construction. Due to price changes, the estimate is only good for 90 days. The job will not be scheduled until the Aid to Construction is paid. If 90 days elapses, the estimate may be revised to reflect price increases.

Use this link to download a New Service Application (PDF)

New Service Application Form

  • Billing Information

  • If the person responsible for the bill is not the owner please provide the following information:

  • Information for a second person on this account:

  • Electrician & Contractor

  • Property Information

  • Closest MEC Facility

  • This is a 10 digit number that is on all MEC equipment with black numbers on a yellow plate. These numbers represent the Township, Range, Section, and personal MEC identification number. This identification will be on all equipment including poles, underground enclosures, and meter bases. If the parcel in question is a difficult place to find, please supply us with directions. These will help our staking technician find the location and save everybody time.
  • Please Provide a Plot Plan including:

    Legal description with Township, Section, Range and/or Certificate of Survey number, water/ sewer system locations, building locations, roads, driveways, and any other non-utility owned facilities on (or planned on) the property.

  • New Load Information

  • If this is an irrigation service please indicate the size of pump to be installed.
  • Three phase motors larger than 40 hp must be equipped to limit current draw and voltage dip. Missoula Electric Cooperative restricts single phase motors to 10 hp or less.

    A $150.00 Construction Deposit will be paid to Missoula Electric Cooperative prior to meeting with the staking technician in the field. This fee is non-refundable, and it will be credited toward any construction charges for this project.

    Consumer Checklist


    A $150.00 Construction Deposit (Non-Refundable) must be paid before a Staking Technician will conduct field staking. The Fee will be credited towards construction costs.

    MEC will provide a cost estimate, which will need to be paid prior to construction.

    **Cost estimate is only good for 90 days**

    Applicant shall provide a legal description consisting of township, range, section and/or a certificate of survey number.

    Applicant shall provide a plot plan consisting of the following:

    A. Well &/or water system

    B. Sewer/Septic System

    C. Foundation

    D. Roads/Driveway

    E. Any other non-utility owned facilities on the property.

    Applicant shall apply for an electrical permit - either from the state, city or county. In the city of Missoula or Missoula County, an electrical inspection is required before MEC can energize the service.

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain an easement to MEC when crossing. another individual's property. The Cooperative requires an easement when placing any primary line on your property; this easement will be drawn up by the Staking Technician and has to be signed and notarized by the titled property owner(s).

    Membership - To receive electrical service, you will need to become a member of the Cooperative. An application needs to be filled out. MEC will do an "Online Utility Check" to determine credit rating. A minimum deposit of $150 may be required to complete membership.

    A tentative date of construction will be given to the consumer after all the following requirements have been met:

    A. Payment in full for all construction costs.

    B. Copy of the State, City or County Electrical Permit.

    C. Signed & notarized easement(s).

    D. Approved trench/conduit/clearing of right of way, if required.

    MEC cannot guarantee construction after October 15th.

    Power is available when the project construction is complete. At that time, the monthly base rate charges will apply.

    All construction will be to MEC standards outlined in the New Service Handbook.

    Consumer is responsible for all restoration.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY