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Insulation and Weatherization


Insulation is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades you can do in your home. Insulation is inexpensive, increases  year-round comfort, reduces noise and has a short payback period. Adding insulation is also a great DIY project which can often be completed in a weekend.

To be eligible for insulation rebates, the home must be electrically heated and the space being insulated must meet one of the existing conditions listed in the table below. An MEC representative must verify the existing condition before any isulation can be added. A post-install inspection is required to verify the new level of insulation.

Rebate Amounts

Upgrade Area
Existing Insulation
Upgraded Insulation
(per sq. ft.)
Attic R0 R49 or greater $2.35
Attic R11 R49 or greater $1.05
Attic R19 R49 or greater $0.30
Bonus rebate if attic is air sealed) $0.08
(Closed wall cavity; cavity filled by drilling holes and filling with insulation.)
R0 R11 or greater $2.00
(Open wall cavity; one side is open for installation of insulation.)
R0 R21 or greater $2.00
Under Floor
(Applies to cantilevers and floors between garage/living space.)
R0 R19 $1.05
Under Floor
(Applies to cantilevers and floors between garage/living space.)
R0 R25 or greater $1.20
Bonus rebate if crawlspace is air sealed) $0.08

Window Replacement

Window rebates are available for electrically heated homes with existing windows meeting the following criteria:

  • Single pane with or without a storm window (any frame material)
  • Double pane with an aluminum frame (vinyl or wood framed double pane windows do not qualify for rebates)

Before any windows are replaced, an MEC representative must conduct a site visit to measure the area of the existing windows. New windows cannot exceed the size of the windows they are replacing and must have a u-value of 0.30 or lower.

A rebate of $6 per square foot are available for qualifying window and patio door replacements.

Residential Weatherization Rebate Form (PDF)