Budget Billing

This program allows you to even out your electric bills by paying the same amount each month. Your account must first be at a zero balance, then we will add the past 12 months’ usage and divide it by 12 to find your average usage. This number will be rounded to the nearest dollar and will be your budget billing amount due every month. You will need to pay this amount every month. You cannot pay ahead, as the computer needs to see this payment every month in order to consider your account current and not delinquent.

Each April your Budget Billing account will be reviewed and we will recalculate the payments to reflect your most recent usage average. This is called your “True-Up” or “Catch-Up” month. If you still have a credit balance you will not need to make any payment in April, and if you have a debit balance you will need to bring your account to a zero balance so we can recalculate your new monthly budget amount. It is best to keep an eye on your balance so you will not have to pay a large amount in April to pay your account in full. The month of May is when you will need to start paying your new budget amount.

Your budget billing amount may also be changed when reviewed due to usage changes throughout the year.

Budget Billing accounts are generally set up after April and before August in order to have the amount most accurate. Please contact our office if you are interested in your residential account being switched to Budget Billing.