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Pre-Payment (Pay Your Way)

Pay Your Way is our prepay billing option which allows members to take control of their MEC account.

Think of putting gas in your car’s tank. The more you put in, the farther you can go. You can either fill the tank, or put in $5 every day. With our traditional payment program, you consume the electricity and we bill you for what you have already used. In contrast, with Pay Your Way, you keep your account in a credit balance, meaning you pay for the electricity prior to consuming it.

Pay Your Way Prepaid Account Agreement (PDF)

Online Pay Your Way Agreement Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of Pay Your Way?

Likely the biggest advantage to Pay Your Way is that it puts you in complete control of your account. That means you can pay what you want, when you want. This means no surprise bills in the mail. In fact, you won’t receive any bills since Pay Your Way accounts are paperless.

My credit history is not great, can I sign up for Pay Your Way?

Yes. Pay Your Way accounts are a great option. When you apply for membership with MEC, we run an online utility focused credit check. Depending on the results, we may require a deposit that could be equal to two times (2x) the highest monthly bill for that residence over the past year. Pay Your Way is different. We do not require a credit check or a deposit with Pay Your Way accounts.

How will my Pay Your Way account be billed?

Traditional accounts are billed for the total kilowatt-hours used during the previous period as well as a base fee each month, but Pay Your Way accounts don’t receive a monthly bill so we handle this a little differently.

Each day we calculate how much energy you used during the last 24 hours, multiply the energy used by the cost per kilowatt-hour and deduct it from your account balance. In addition, we take our normal base fee and convert it to a daily charge which is also deducted from your balance.

If I don’t receive a bill, how do I manage my account?

Pay Your Way accounts are convenient and easy to manage using your phone, tablet or computer and our SmartHub account management tool. SmartHub lets you add money to your account, track your usage and receive low-balance alerts. That’s right – when your balance gets low, we’ll send you an alert via e-mail, SMS or text to let you know its is time to add more credit; think of it like the little light that comes on when your gas tank is on empty.

What happens if I do not maintain a credit balance on my Pay Your Way account?

All Pay Your Way accounts must maintain a credit balance. If a Pay Your Way account balance falls to zero ($0.00), the service will be subject to immediate disconnect. To restore service, a minimum credit balance of $10 must be reestablished. Once a credit balance of $10 or greater is detected, a the meter will be immediately reconnected.

What about fees?

We’ve all done it — missed a payment and gotten a late fee. With Pay Your Way, we’ve eliminated all penalties, late fees and notices. Instead, we put you in control with SmartHub and account alerts. No late fees and no surprises. When you balance falls below $25, we send you an reminder to add more funds to your account.

Does it cost anything to set up a Pay Your Way account?

New Pay Your Way accounts require a $25 set-up fee and a minimum initial energy purchase of $25.

I have an MEC account with a security deposit, can I convert to a Pay Your Way account?

Yes, existing members can convert their accounts to Pay Your Way accounts. Best of all, we will refund your deposit to your Pay Your Way account, so you can put that money to work.

Can I convert a Pay Your Way account to a traditional post-pay account?

Yes, you can convert to a traditional billing account at any time. Applicants for a traditional post-pay account may require a deposit based on the results from an online utility credit check. Deposits must be paid in full at the time of converting to a post-pay account.