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Billing Statement

Monthly Statement

The Cooperative reads electric meters on the first day of each month. Statements will include usage from the first calendar day of the month through the first calendar day of the following month, and are due 15 days from the billing date. If you do not receive a bill, please give us a call, as members are still responsible for electricity usage.

Unpaid balances are considered delinquent and are subject to a late charge and disconnection.

  • To reconnect a terminated account, electric charges, a deposit, and reconnect fee of $100 must be paid in full. Reconnects are performed on weekdays from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. An after-hours reconnect fee of $150 is applied on reconnects required between 3 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Statement Overview

sample billing statement

The statement body has all the pertinent information about your meter(s) including opening and closing reads, average daily usage for the current and prior year, and the average temperature. There may be multiple pages to your statement if you have more than one electric service.

Sections of the statement are explained, below. You may also refer to the numbered examples on the sample statement above.

1. Account Summary

A quick overview showing your account number, statement and due date as well as the amount due. Note your District of Record — this refers to your Trustee district. This is the district in which you vote during Trustee elections.

2. District of Record

This is the district in which you live. Refer to our Board of Trustees page to see district and Trustee information.

3. Bill Type

This line indicates whether your bill is new, regular, past due or final.

4. Budget Amount Due

If you are signed up for budget billing, this is the amount you need to pay each month regardless of your actual usage charges.

5. Service Details

Each service you pay for under your account will have its own detailed section indicating location, meter number and any usage and charges associated with that service.

6. Usage History

This section shows a graph representing the past 13 months of usage. You can also find your average daily energy consumption and the daily cost of electricity in this section.

7. Detail of Charges

Shows how each service location is billed including energy charges, demand charges and base charges.

8. Payment Stub

The bottom third of the page is called the payment coupon and has all the information needed for us to process your payment. In this area, you will see your account number, statement period, due date and the amount due. If your bill had to be estimated or if your account is enrolled in automatic payments, that will be indicated here as well.

Detach and include with your payment in the provided envelope.

If for any reason, you are unable to pay your bill in full, please contact MEC to make a payment arrangement — it will save you a lot of worries and help avoid any fees or penalties.

9. Update Member Information

Let us know if any of your personal information has changed.

10. Disclosures

The back of the first page contains our disclosures and definitions. Many answers to commonly asked questions can be found here.