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NEEM Logo. Text: Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured Housing ProgramThe Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program™ (NEEM) is a collaborative effort between the home builders, retailers and utilities across the northwest that has certified over 240,000 of the most energy efficient manufactured homes ever built. NEEM is one of two organizations recognized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program as a Quality Assurance Provider, able to certify that manufactured homes are built to qualify for the ENERGY STAR. More than half of new manufactured home buyers in the northwest choose homes with NEEM ENERGY STAR certification.

MEC’s NEEM rebate program incentivizes the purchase and installation of electrically heated, NEEM ENERGY STAR certified homes in our service territory. So, if you are considering purchasing a new manufactured home, make sure to ask about NEEM homes.

Rebate Amounts

Purchase and Installation of NEEM 1.1 Home

Purchase and Installation of NEEM 2.0 Home


Replacement of Pre-1976 Electrically Heated Manufactured Home with NEEM 1.1 Home

Replacement of Pre-1976 Electrically Heated Manufactured Home with NEEM 2.0 Home


NEEM Home Incentive Form (PDF)


Building a new home? By building your new home according to the Montana House specifications, you will enjoy a tight, well-insulated house that is comfortable and more affordable to heat and cool.

The Montana House is an all-electric, single family home built to rigorous specifications for insulation, windows, air sealing, heating, cooling and ventilation. When complete, Montana Homes are designed to outperform current bulding codes for residential efficiency.

  • Thermal Envelope: The Montana House benefits from beefed up insulation in the attic, above grade walls, under concrete slab floors and in basement and crawlspace walls. In addition to insulation, standards have been set for air-tightness to ensure heated or cooled air stays where it belongs, inside the house. Finally, the design limits window glazing to 15% of the heated floor area and requires better than code windows to increase to overal all insulating value of exterior walls.
  • Heating System: Due to its extremely tight construction, the Montana House specifications do not allow for combustion appliances such as furnaces, water heaters or fireplaces. Instead, water and space heating is all electric.
  • Lighting: the Montana House requires a minimum of 90 percent of lights to be either ENERGY STAR® bulbs or fixtures.
  • Appliances: all built-in appliances must be ENERGY STAR® rated.

Building design and construction must be reviewed and verified by MEC to meet the Montana House New Construction Technical Specifications prior of beginning construction. In addition, periodic inspection and documentation of the building process must be conducted by a designated representative of MEC to assure compliance with the Montana House program. Failure to contact MEC prior to beginning construction may void rebates.

If a new house is in your future, contact MEC to discuss the Montana House certification program.

Rebate Amounts

Construction of a Montana House

Construction of a Montana House (with Ground Source Heat Pump)


For a complete list of construction requirements, download the Montana House 2 Technical Specifications (PDF)