Morrell Falls, Montana

Thermostat Programs

Line Voltage Thermostats

Our line voltage rebate program applies to single-family homes with zonal heat (baseboards or wall heaters) with no Line-Voltage Thermostats. Savings arise from the Line-Voltage Thermostats maintaining temperature closer to the set temperature on the dial than older, bi-metal thermostats.

Electronic line voltage thermostats eliminate hysteresis, also known as deadband, which is the temperature difference range between a bi-metallic thermostat coming on and shutting off.
All thermostats must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a digital display
  • Be electronically line-voltage type
  • Have a thermistor temperature sensing element that is accurate to within 1.5 degrees or better
  • Be UL- or CSA-listed for use with their application (i.e., fan-forced, baseboard, wall or ceiling radiant)

Rebates for electronic line voltage thermostats are currently $18/unit. Line Voltage Rebate Form (PDF)

Smart Thermostats

Measures include smart thermostats for homes with electric forced-air furnace, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps as their primary system.

Qualifying advanced smart thermostats must:

In addition to the requirements above, thermostats controlling air source heat pumps must be programmed to recognize the existing heat pump system. Thermostats that control cooling-only systems or dual-fuel heating systems (gas furnace and electric heat pump) are not eligible for an incentive.

A rebate of $140 is available for qualified smart thermostat installations. Advanced Smart Thermostat Rebate Form (PDF)