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Communication is Key

Posted: July 1, 2020
Mark Hayden, GM

It’s no doubt that we live in a device-driven world. From smart phones and tablets, to laptops and smart home gadgets, like Alexa, we use a wide-variety of devices to help us stay connected. Companies spend billions to push out a steady stream of advertisements that bombard consumers with one-way communication. The question we must ask is this – who is listening on the other end?

At MEC, we are listening and eager to hear from you. Whether you text or email us, answer a survey, comment on a social media post, or simply stop by and chat in person, we depend on your feedback. Connecting with our members helps us improve our service and offerings, as well as keep pace with our community’s priorities and needs.

As a cooperative, we operate differently than most businesses. MEC exists to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to you, the members of the co-op. Equally important, is our mission to enrich the lives of the members we serve. We hope you consider us as more than your energy provider, but rather a local business that stimulates economic growth and development, while simultaneously supporting the local communities in which we live and serve.

You will notice that throughout the year, we create opportunities for you and other community members to attend co-op events in an effort to hear from you. These include, but are not limited to, our annual meeting, bi-annual member appreciation parties and member education sessions. In addition, our focus on community service provides opportunities for our members to roll up their sleeves and participate in volunteer events, alongside a dedicated group of employees.

Our Board of Trustees is comprised of local members, like you, who have concern for community and are looking out for the long-term interests of the membership they serve. Therefore, MEC conducts periodic surveys to gather feedback so we can plan for new initiatives and system upgrades, and make improvements on existing co-op programs and services.

In the coming weeks, a random survey of approximately 400 members will take a deeper look into issues impacting MEC members, including energy efficiency, member engagement, and the core cooperative services we provide. We know that in this fast-paced world your time is valuable. If you receive a survey in the near future, I hope that you consider taking a few minutes to respond. The results will provide your Board of Trustees and MEC management with important direction on crucial messages to communicate with members, legislators and key community leaders.

We are in the midst of significant change in the energy sector, as technology and the drive for renewables and a more balanced energy mix is impacting long-term planning. These are complex issues that we will be navigating in the coming months and years. This is why it’s so important to hear from you and other community members as we plot our course for the future.

MEC strives to continually understand our memberships’ top priorities, so we can better serve their needs. Our electric co-op was built by the community, for the community. We can only begin to improve, adapt and effectively plan for the future if we have two-way communication. We hope that you will connect with us and offer your perspective. You can always reach me directly at 406.541.6340 if you have ideas on how we can improve – I’m listening.


2020 Member Survey – Coming Soon

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