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Generator Safety

Posted: January 1, 2022

Know how to use your generator safely. Incorrect use of your generator can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution or fires.

Use a portable generator sparingly and only to power essential equipment. Position generators outdoors and at least 15-ft from open windows or doors.

Keep the generator dry. Generators should be operated on dry surfaces, under a covered, open structure. Keep your hands dry when touching the generator and don’t operate in wet conditions.

Disconnect the normal power source before operating your generator. If you skip this important step, power from your generator can be sent back into the lines, creating a hazardous situation for our crews.
Make sure your generator is properly grounded. Grounding generators can prevent shock and electrocution.

Never plug your generator into the wall outlet or main electrical panel. A licensed electrician should connect the generator to the main electrical panel by installing the proper equipment according to local electrical codes. Make sure the electrician installs an approved automatic transfer switch so you can disconnect your home’s wiring from the utility system before you use the generator.

Inspect and maintain your generator regularly. Check for cracks and leaks, replacing damaged materials immediately. Schedule at least one maintenance service per year, keep fresh fuel in the tank and test the generator periodically.