North Fork of the Blackfoot River

EEE Banquet

Event Date

Wednesday, October 23rd 11:30am


Wednesday, October 23rd 1:00pm


Hilton Garden Inn




The Electronic Education Equipment (EEE) Program is a joint educational venture of Blackfoot, Energy Partners and Missoula Electric Cooperative that provides opportunities for schools to receive technology for the classroom. If you are a local school that applied to the EEE Program, we hope you’ll join us for our 2019 Awards Luncheon! One lucky school in attendance will be awarded a door prize.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re excited to have Chase Reynolds as our Guest Speaker! Chase was born and raised in Drummond, Montana. He began his football career as a star running back for the University of Montana and finished his career in the NFL, playing for both the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams. After formally retiring from his football career, Chase began making a name for himself off the field by launching a successful Missoula real estate business.